About Us

table-2“The Twisted Ewe is the place anyone may come and find the creative fibers within themselves, that when woven together create something warm and beautiful.”

When I began to to dream of The Twisted Ewe it was a place where people felt comfortable about coming and just hanging out with other knitters.  To sit around a table and talk, exchange ideas (whether or not they are related to knitting) and help each other out.  In this day and age it has become very easy to not have to interact, directly, with each other.  I feel that as human beings we need to have direct contact with each other and I hope The Twisted Ewe becomes a place to do just that.

We have had a huge, positive, response to our ‘Open Knit Night’ on Tuesday evenings.  The store is open until 8pm so that people can relax and enjoy themselves.

Our selection of yarns is very diverse, from fiber to weight to color.  I think we offer a little different options than the other LYS, in hopes of filling in voids in the fiber community.