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It was last October that we found out that we were going to have to move and began the search.  Jess and I found a location that we thought was it!! We loved the vibe of the area and the space was going to be amazing.  If you could crawl inside my head and see it you would understand.  The building needed to be renovated and the current owner was selling it.  We hung on thru 4 different buyers hoping that the deal would close and we could have the only space that would work!!  Well time ran out, a little quicker than we saw coming.  We were forced to walk away from that dream, in search of another.  I am a believer that things always happen the way they are supposed to, no matter what I think SHOULD happen.  I got online and began looking at commercial spaces and a new one popped up.  I got a hold of my agent and we were there to see it the very next day.  From the moment I pulled up to the building I knew it was our new home.  I have always wanted the Twisted Ewe to be a place of inspiration, where one would feel safe to try something new and step out of their box a little bit.  This building has a rich history of doing that very same thing, just with a little different medium.  For years people have watched an amazing artist turn some thing cold and hard into something that was warm and beautiful.  These people who watched and sometimes participated were challenged to step out of their box and inspired to create.  And now we will continue that magic with something a little softer.  In the next 4 weeks, please don’t hold me to that, we hope to welcome you into the new home of the Twisted Ewe at 3640 W. Chinden Blvd, also known as the Women of Steel building.