Last Minute Gifts

By December 20, 2017Uncategorized

There’s still time to hint at the gifts you’ve been wanting, and pick up those few last minute gifts for loved ones! If you’re hoping that your SO will place the perfect fiber related gift under the tree, you may want to drop some boulder sized hints as to what it is that you desire. Or, you can send them to our shop, and we can show them your gift registry! ‘Cause you filled one out weeks ago, right? 😉 Haven’t heard of our Woolly Wishlist gift regisrty? Stop in, find your favorite items in the shop, make note of them on the registry form, send that loved one to us and we’ll make sure they get you the perfect gift! If you’re a little stumped for ideas, here are a few suggestions… (feel free to forward this blog post!)

Interchangeable Needle Sets: we have some beautiful sets in stock, and with all of those needle sizes and cable lengths, you’ll be pretty much covered for the rest of your knitting life! These are a great money saver if you’re still building your needle collection. We also have crochet hook sets for those of you who are still building your crochet tools collection.

 Coco Knits Notions: With magnetic stitch marker bracelets, yarn snippers, and more, you can’t go wrong with these useful and brightly colored accessories. The bracelet mentioned above, allows you to keep your markers on your wrist so that they don’t get lost, and you can grab them when you need, instead of digging through your notions bag for them! A must have!

Yarn of the Month Yearly Subscription: That’s right! We’ve created our own yarn of the month club. Members will have exclusive access to our newest, carefully curated monthly yarn, and get it on their needles and hooks before anyone else in the Treasure Valley!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and fiber filled gifts under your tree! Also, our Semi-Annual Clearance Sale begins on December 26th! The perfect way to spend that Twisted Ewe Gift Certificate!