Needle and Hook Free Christmas Morning!

By October 4, 2017Uncategorized

By Natalie Deem

Christmas morning is always eagerly anticipated in my household. We usually start out in a fairly leisurely manner (this is a house filled with adults, so mimosas first, Christmas presents second!), eating cinnamon rolls (here’s a tasty recipe:, drinking tea or coffee and then, making our way to the tree. I love it, of course. Aside from a hearty breakfast and spending time with family, I love seeing my family members unwrap the gifts that I have carefully chosen, and knitted or crocheted for them… and then, the knitting needles tumble out of the package with a half-way to almost complete hat, mitten or, sweater attached. So. Embarrassing. The worst has been when it’s a ball of yarn, and a description of what it will be! The recipient is always gracious, and way less disappointed than I am, but I kick myself every year for not starting my projects early enough.

I have met knitters who begin their Christmas/Holiday knitting as early as April. They make me feel a little inadequate, and I wish I could get my crafting together like they have. Every year, I think, ‘I’m going to start my Christmas knitting in the summer so I’ll be all done by September, and then, I can have a stress free Fall!’ It never happens. Every Fall is a rush for me to finish gifts, by October I switch to knitting bulky accessories only (those size 15’s knit those cowls up quick!), and nobody ends up with the gifts I really wanted them to have. In answer to all of this, the Twisted Ewe will be hosting a little gathering every week through the holiday season so that we knitters have a quiet place to work on our projects, and get some help if we get stuck! Keep your eyes on our calendar for more information, we’re here for you through this hectic time! Here’s to a needle free Christmas morning!