Socks First, Sweaters Later

By November 2, 2017Uncategorized

By Natalie Deem

Basic Christmas Stocking by Churchmouse Yarns

There are certain projects that are just… off-putting. Socks, for one, set many a knitter into a cool sweat if they have never made them before or, if their experience the last time they tried was particularly unpleasant. Garments of any variety are yet another project type that can make a knitter’s stomach flip. Why is it that so many of us do not think we are good enough to make such things? None of us were ‘good’ knitters straight off the bat. There was one project in particular that made me feel like I was a good knitter once I had completed them: socks.

Socks are pretty complicated to look at, the shaping in them is a complete mystery unless you’ve knitted them yourself. As a learning tool, they are fantastic. Completing a pair of socks or, a Christmas stocking should be on every knitters list of to-do projects. There is nothing else that better prepares you for knitting garments, and can possibly turn you into the courageous knitter you’ve always wanted to be. My first experience knitting socks was scary and great. I had wonderful teachers in the women I worked with, and when I’d finally mastered knitting using the magic loop technique, and completed a pair of socks, I felt like I’d finally ‘arrived’ as a knitter.

If you feel like you need more practice before you venture off into knitting garments, knit socks. If you need a portable project, knit socks. If you want to show off some fancy stitch work in a small project, knit socks. And, if you want to expand your knitting cred, there’s nothing like knitting socks. Or, knit a Christmas stocking if you only want this experience once then, move on to that sweater pattern you’ve been eyeing… because you will be ready to tackle it.