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I will be the first to admit that I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with this website stuff.  I have every intention, and then…SQUIRREL. squirrel Anyone else have this problem?  So I just wanted to drop a little note and say we are sooooo close.  The bathroom will be done by the end of the week, fingers crossed.  The lighting will be done over the next couple of days.  A couple of more odds and ends and we will be open!!  I can’t thank you enough for you patience with our temporary absence.   I am pretty new at this commercial ownership and didn’t realize what goes in to getting a space ready.  I have learned a ton and hope that we don’t ever have to do this again!!  I would like for you all to put the first week of October on your calendars (3rd-8th).  The Twisted Staff and I are putting together a week of fun to celebrate our new space, get to know Garden City a little better, and have a proper KICK OFF to this season.  We will be letting you know more about what we have planned that week thru Facebook, Instagram and newsletters. Looking forward to seeing ewe all VERY soon!!!