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Learn to Knit a Hat

Fix That Knit

Make the I Am Dragon III Shawl

Learn to Knit a Hat, Intermediate Level

This is one of the classes in Twisted Ewe-niversity's Level 2 course. These classes will introduce you to next steps projects. Once you complete the course you will receive a graduation diploma! Sign up for another level 2 class and receive a 10% discount! Please sign up in store to receive the discount! Learning how to knit a hat is the perfect next step project. In this 2-part class you’ll advance your knitting skills and learn German twisted cast on, knitting in the round, and hat shaping. This class is perfect for the person that just finished the Twisted Ewe-niversity’s Beginning Knitting course. If you have basic knitting skills but haven't gone through our Ewe-niversity, please check with the store if this is an appropriate class for you. You will need approximately 100 yards of bulky weight yarn, a size 10, 16” & 40” circular needle, and stitch markers. We recommend Cascade 128 for this class.

Class dates: 2/16 & 2/23; 12-2:00pm

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Fix That Knit a Twisted Ewe-niversity Elective

Our Fix That Knit class is a Twisted ‘Ewe’-niversity elective. Our electives are bonus classes that we believe are important additions to the Stitcher’s repertoire.

Have you wanted to learn how to pick up dropped stitches, or how to turn a knit into a purl below where you're working? Class will cover how to remove the needle to take out rows, how to put the stitches back on correctly, and when and how to use a lifeline. This two hour class will teach you how to fix some of  the most common knitting mistakes and mishaps.

This class is ideal for the knitter with working knowledge of knitting basics.

A knitted swatch and needles for use in the class are provided. 

**Bring a crochet hook size E or F and a yarn needle. 

Class date: 2/24; 1-3pm

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Make the I Am Dragon III Shawl, Adventurous Level

We’re excited to bring the I Am Dragon III shawl to the Twisted Ewe-niversity. Our instructor is excited to teach you the techniques used in knitting this unique triangle shaped shawl. Class will meet the second Saturday of March, April & May from 11-1. You will need to purchase the pattern, yarn, stitch markers, beads, etc before the first class. We recommend printing the pattern in color since it’s color-coded. Materials purchased in store for class get a 10% discount.

Class dates: 3/14, 4/11 & 5/9; 11-1

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The Ewe View

"The Twisted Ewe is the place anyone may come and find the creative fibers within themselves, that when woven together create something warm and beautiful." 

About Us

When I began to dream of The Twisted Ewe, it was a place where people felt comfortable about coming and just hanging out with other knitters. To sit around a table and talk, exchange ideas (whether or not they are related to knitting) and help each other out. In this day and age it has become very easy to not have to interact, directly, with each other. I feel that as human beings we need to have direct contact with each other and I hope The Twisted Ewe becomes a place to do just that.


Business Hours:

Mon-Sat 10-6:00pm

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Tuesday: Community Stitch Night

6-8:00 pm (Formerly Knit Night) 

Third Tuesday:

Late Community Stitch Night       


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