1/28/21 Twisted Ewe Newsletter: Fireside Chats with Carolyn

Fireside chats with Carolyn

As part of our shop's tradition, when the new year rolls around we think hard about a few words that will set the intention for what we do through out the year. 

This year, our words are: Gratitude, Compassion, and Resilience. 

Carolyn spent some time thinking about how these words relate to each other and how to make them apart of our fiber arts community here in the Treasure Valley. She talks more in our Live video today, but I will give a preview here. 

Gratitude is the corner stone of what this year will be based on.  Living with an attitude of gratitude really opens us up to living with compassion.  These two things combined will then create a resiliency that will keep us moving forward in to a joyful, more kind and loving community.

Outdoor Sip and Shear Event


On Saturday, February 27th we bring you Sip and Shear—Where Wool and Wine come Together.

Sip and Shear is a day to sip fine wines, browse local vendors and food trucks, learn different fiber crafts, hang out and stitch, and watching over 100 Kerry Hill sheep get shorn!

We are so excited to partner with Kerry Hill Winery. Make sure to check out their webpage and follow our event on for more information! Mindy's Kerry Hill sheep are pictured below:

Crazyheart Sweater

Crazyheart by Tanis Lavallee is a stunning color work sweater with a bold geometric yoke. The pattern comes in all different sizes, from baby to adult!

We knitted Weston's sweater out of Plymouth DK—which is now discounted through the weekend!

Plymouth DK and Wool Pop are 20% off through Sunday the 31st online and in-store.

Dye Lots Studio

Dye Lots Studio is here for another week! Make sure to stop by and check out our selection from specialty dyed yarns before they are gone

Cozy Mittens

You may have already seen our posts of our new batch of mittens from Northern Lights. For those of you who didn't, these mittens are made locally with recycled fleece! Boy are they warm. Now that Bernie Sanders sparked the mitten trend, you may need to grab yourself a pair ;) Mittens are avail be in-store and online

September 1

Warmth of Fiber Contest

Show off your gorgeous handmade work with our Warmth of Fiber Contest! You can now submit any kind of garment or accessory. The only criteria is the yarn weight and yardage. 

Read all the details on our webpage