2/26/21 Twisted Ewe Newsletter

Sip and Shear is coming up this Saturday the 27th! This email has all information for the event including a detailed event schedule, information on parking, weather, and Covid safety, and a peek at our featured presenter Will Griggs.

We are so excited for this weekend! Let's take a look at what's happening at Sip and Shear: 

Shearing info: Saturday will be packed with fun fiber-related activities, all centered around shearing. The sheep shearers have plenty of work to do, and they've been kind enough to take a few breaks to extend the length of the process, so that more folks can see the shearing in the early afternoon. However, the shearing schedule is still up to the shearers. Most of the shearing will happen in the morning. We can't guarantee shearing in the later afternoon. But nonetheless, the event will have plenty of entertainment all day long.

Weather: The forecast for Saturday is looking partly-cloudy and in the 40s, meaning, dress warmly! Dress in layers and dress for winter. There will be plenty of outdoor heaters as well. 

Covid Safety: Many of you might be concerned about a mid-sized event. However, the majority of the activities are outside. We wouldn't have Sip and Shear if we couldn't be in the outdoors. There will be plenty of room outside to enjoy some food and beverage. We require that everyone wears masks while inside buildings, and we ask you to wear a mask while outside, when not eating or drinking. We will ensure maximum safety all day through sanitizing surfaces and have sanitizing stations. 

Featured Guest: Will Griggs

At Sip and Shear we are thrilled to welcome, Will Griggs, an expert in wool classification and skirting, to give a few presentations. Will has years of experience in the field. You can read about him on a short webpage that Chadwick made. 

We are so excited to have some fun this weekend! Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the event. 

We hope to see you at Kerry Hill Winery this weekend! 

Love Natalia and the Twisted Staff  :)