On the 4th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me

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On the 4th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me... yarn to make my own sweater for me!

There's nothing like the feeling of wearing a sweater you've made yourself. I'm feeling pretty proud and warm in this photo, where I layer 8 hand-knitted sweaters, made by myself and by my grandmother. 

Below we list 4 different yarns that we recommend for making sweaters, as well as some tips for those who are new to sweater knitting!

1. Eco + Merino 

Eco + Merino is an aran weight, merino yarn, convenient for sweater making since each skein has 478 yards! We carry Eco + Merino in 16 different color-ways so that you can knit a sweater for every color of the rainbow (if you dare). 

2. Woolstock 

From Blue Sky Organic Fibers, Woodstock is made from fine highland wool from Peru. With 370 yards per skein, you don't need many to make a sweater! 

3. Maxima 

Maxima is a worsted weight merino wool that comes from one of our favorite sustainable yarn companies, Manos Del Uruguay.

Maxima is overall a staff favorite because it's a high-quality, single ply yarn, which makes it very squishy and textured.

4. Ella Rae Classic Wool 

If you are looking into knitting a sweater on a budget, we have some fantastic options for you.

Ella Rae has two worsted weight yarns, the Classic Superwash and Classic Wool that are affordable, yet high-quality options for sweater knitting!

First Time Sweater!

If you have never knitted a sweater before, the process can seem pretty intimidating. But I promise you, it sounds harder than it actually is. The rule of thumb is that if you can knit a hat you can knit a sweater!

*If you would like some guidance on your first sweater, we do offer private lessons at $20 per hour with our expert knit and crochet staff*


Left: Brick Sweater

Basic, top-down pullover sweater

Recommended Yarn: 

Woolstock, Maxima or Ella Rae

Middle: Flax

Pullover sweater that comes in sizes for all ages and genders

Recommended Yarn:

Eco + Merino Wool

Right: New Born Vertebrae

Baby cardigan sweater

Learn the basics of cardigans on a smaller scale.

Recommended yarn: 

Any fingering weight yarn


Just a friendly reminder that our products are listed online and in-store. However, some products are found in-store only. Check store for product availability. 


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