On the 6th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me...

Posted by Natalia D on

My very own swift machine!

The Untold Story of your Partner...

Does this photo remind you of someone you know? Maybe your partner, whose arms are trembling and about to fall off. Maybe you notice their soft smile, similar to the gentleman in the photo, and you assume they are content. But deep down, they clench their teeth and count down the seconds, the minutes, and the hours until your lace weight skein is rolled. Does this ring a bell?

We have a solution for you and your partner this Christmas--something that both of you will benefit from.

The Twisted Ewe Now Carries Swifts!

The swifts we carry in store are high quality, made from wood, and guaranteed more durable than your partner's arms. Come in and give it a spin, and safe yourself and your partner hours of winding. 

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