Stocking Stuffers for Stitchers!

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On the 8th day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me... stocking stuffers that every stitcher will need!


Kalli's observations are quite right. This chilly weather is making the Twisted Staff a bit more, well, twisted...

We're getting too goofy with these Toft Alpaca Pom Poms. They NEED to find a new home in your stocking. These pom poms are squishy, soft, colorful, and interchangeable! You can wear a different color pom pom for every day of the week. 

Now onto more stocking stuffer ideas!

EZ PZ Gauge Ruler

These gauge rulers are all the rage right now at the Twisted Ewe. Why? Because they magnify your stitches, so no more eye squinting. 

Flight of Stitch Markers by CocoKnits 

Stitchers also can't have enough stitch markers. These new stitch marks from CocoKnits come in 5 different styles for all of your knitting needs!

Cozy Cakes

Have you ever pulled from the middle of a ball of yarn to only experience it collapse and tangle into a huge mess? Yarn cozies prevent this from happening!

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