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3/25/21 Twisted Ewe Newsletter: Huge Community Art Project and April Knit Along 🌱
Dear Fiber Artists,   Spring is here, and with it comes a series of new collaborative projects and artistic events for you to participate in! 🌦🌱 Continue reading for a brief overview of Forgotten Fiber Trunk Show, our Community Art Installation, Local...
3/11/21 Twisted Ewe Weekly Newsletter
Blue Beards and Bright Yarns I never know what to expect when coming to the Twisted Ewe. Since I normally write these emails remotely, it's sometimes fun to head into the shop, help out with our Live Videos, and see...
3/4/21 Twisted Ewe Weekly Newsletter
Dear Fiber Friends,  What a beautiful week so far in the Treasure Valley! Yesterday, I spotted the first crocus of the year at my local community garden. As one of the first flowers to pop up, crocuses are a sign of hope...
2/26/21 Twisted Ewe Newsletter
Sip and Shear is coming up this Saturday the 27th! This email has all information for the event including a detailed event schedule, information on parking, weather, and Covid safety, and a peek at our featured presenter Will Griggs. We are so excited...
02/18/21 Twisted Ewe Weekly Newsletter
Fairy Tale Yarn Company is here for the week and has brought some magical skeins! Dawn, the dyer from West Virginia, is inspired by the whimsical stories and imagination from being a child.
02/11/21 Twisted Ewe Weekly Newsletter
This week, we are SO grateful for the eye-popping window paint designed by Kellie! We certainly have a deep appreciation for everyone in our stitching community.
1/28/21 Twisted Ewe Newsletter: Fireside Chats with Carolyn
As part of our shop's tradition, when the new year rolls around we think hard about a few words that will set the intention for what we do through out the year. 
Twisted Ewe Weekly Newsletter 1/14/21: Turning around 2021 with Sunshine, Fiber, and Outdoor Events!
In the shadows of a chaotic beginning of a new year, the Twisted Ewe brainstorms to create fabulous and fun fiber related events, classes, and workshops!
The History and Evolution of Crochet
In celebration of National Crochet Month, it’s important to recognize where this amazing craft comes from and how it has evolved. So where does crochet originate from? Is there one source? Not exactly. After researching the origins of crochet, I’ve...