About us

Welcome to the Twisted Ewe!

The Twisted Ewe opened its doors in September 2010 with a vision—to create a place where anyone may come and find the creative fibers within, that when woven together create something warm and beautiful. The Twisted Ewe came from the idea of having a place where people felt comfortable gathering around textiles. To sit around a table, talk about stitches, exchange big ideas, and help each other out is the core of our yarn shop. In these times, it’s easy to not have direct interaction with others. For the health of our communities, we need more connection! The fiber arts is one way to bring people together. 

At the Twisted Ewe, our mission is to be purposeful with the yarns and products we carry. The majority of our yarns are natural fibers, either wool, alpaca, cotton, bamboo, mohair, or silk. Handmade sweaters and hats will last generations if made with the right materials. Your talented stitching (beginner’s included) deserves to be supported with quality fibers!

In addition to yarns, we also love to carry locally made gifts and products. If you’re looking for an artisan gift or want to support local and regional artists in the Treasure Valley, our shop has a selection.

All are welcomed to visit our shop, located on Chinden and Orchard in Garden City, just off the connector from downtown Boise. We welcome absolute beginner knitters to expert crocheters, the local Boise crowd to out-of-town stitchers.

In front of our shop, you will notice our big “Woman of Wool” sign. This sign is a historical landmark of Garden City, since the building used to be the Woman of Steel Art Gallery—home of the welder, Irene Deely. Inside the shop, we are lucky to keep many of Irene’s art installations including the rustic bar top and metal art pieces. The rigid silver metal offers a balance to our soft wool yarns. Our shop is full of textures, colors, designs, and garments to boost your inspiration!


Our team, the Twisted Staff, is made of a group of experienced knitters and crocheters. We find deep joy in helping people find the right projects, pick out the perfect yarns, and getting to know folks in the process! We also support fiber artists through drop-in help hours, when you find yourself stuck and can’t move forward with your project. Private lessons and small group classes are available to build your skills. Our calendar is frequently updated with new classes every month. Our fiber art mediums are constantly evolving beyond knitting and crocheting. We are growing our shop to support weaving, felting, dyeing, embroidery and more.

The Twisted Ewe has a large social media presence. Stay up to date with current events on our Facebook page or Instagram. We have a weekly (brief) newsletter, and have a live video on our Facebook and Instagram on Thursday mornings at 10am. In the videos, Carolyn, Natalia, or Chadwick talks about “what’s new at the ewe” and interviews indie yarn dyers and other makers. At the end of the life video is a giveaway. Participate in the Live by commenting and your name will be entered for the following week.

We look forward to meeting 'ewe'! If you want to learn more about our shop and see the mixture of wool and metal, please take a look at our virtual tour