About us

The Twisted Ewe opened its doors in September 2010 with a vision—to create a place where anyone may come and find the creative fibers within, that when woven together create something warm and beautiful. 

These days, it’s easy to not have direct interaction with others. The fiber arts is one way to bring people together!

All are welcomed to visit our shop, located on Chinden and Orchard in Garden City, just off the connector from downtown Boise. We welcome absolute beginner knitters to expert crocheters, the local Boise crowd to out-of-town stitchers.


Metal and Mohair

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Our team, the Twisted Staff, is a group of experienced knitters and crocheters. We find joy in helping folks find the right projects, pick out the perfect yarns, and getting to know people in the process!

We support our community through drop-in help hours, private lessons, and small group classes. Our calendar is frequently updated with new events every month.

The Twisted Ewe has a large social media presence. Stay up to date with current events on our Facebook page or Instagram. We have a weekly (brief) newsletter, and have a live video on our Facebook and Instagram on Thursday mornings at 10am. In the videos, our staff talks about “what’s new at the ewe” and interviews indie yarn dyers and other makers. At the end of the life video is a giveaway. Participate in the Live by commenting and your name will be entered for the following week.