Help Hours

Twisted Ewe Help Hours

(Subject to availability)

We all get a little (or a lot) stuck on a project. Twisted Ewe employs knowledgeable knitters and crocheters who can answer questions or help you through a tight spot. 

If it’s a quick fix that typically can be addressed within 5 to 10 minutes, stop by anytime during store hours. We’ll do our best to get you unstuck and back on your way! 

If you want our undivided attention or you require a little more hands-on assistance, the Twisted Ewe offers 1-on-1 private lessons for $30 per hour.

Call us at 208.287.3693 to schedule your time!

The Twisted Ewe cannot guarantee uninterrupted help time during regular business hours.

Please schedule a private lesson for more dedication assistance. 


The Twisted Ewe offers services such as yarn winding, blocking, mending and finishing for a fee. Please call the store and talk to a sales associate for current prices!