Twisted Ewe's In-store Privacy Policy

The Twisted Ewe's privacy policy is pretty straight forward. Whatever information you provide to the Twisted Ewe (online or in person) stays with the Twisted Ewe. At no time will the Twisted Ewe sell or rent any information provided by its customers to anyone for any reason.

The information you provide will only be used by Twisted Ewe to contact you or respond to you regarding the reason you contacted us. Twisted Ewe will use your information as follows:

  • Call you to tell you your special order has arrived
  • Call you to alert you to a time/date change of a class you signed up for, or similar.
  • Email you the latest copy of our newsletter or
  • Email you if we do not have your telephone number (if not provided for above reasons).
  • If you provide Twisted Ewe your mailing address, this address may be used to send you additional coupons in the mail. This type of activity will be low frequency, or never.

At any time, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter or update your subscription preferences by clicking on the 'unsubscribe' or 'update subscription preferences' link at the bottom of one of our newsletters. These links are included in each email we send out. 

Photography, Videos:

If you would like to take photos or videos inside our shop, simply ask first. Thanks!

Twisted Ewe hosts events and opportunities where photos and videos may be taken. We will do our best to ask you first before we do so. If you find a photo or video that we have taken and do not wish to be included in it, simply contact us to have it removed. 

To read our online privacy policy, which is just like this one only really really long, click here.