Meet the Twisted Staff

Carolyn · Owner

Hello everyone! I’m Carolyn and the owner of the Twisted Ewe. Like most yarn shop owners, I started the Twisted Ewe over 10 years ago for the community of people who love and appreciated yarn and what you can create with it. Over the years I have come to understand the importance of having a creative outlet in life, and it has shown me some of the coolest people I’ve ever met through the Ewe!
My goal now is to simply grow this community. I want people—who have never experienced what it’s like to create with fiber—to understand the joy it can bring to their lives. The fiber arts is one of the most versatile mediums to express creativity. This versatility makes the fiber arts open to all ages, from children to older folks. 
The Twisted Ewe is a place where anyone in the Treasure Valley can come, create, and feel inspired. We try to provide a space where people can feel empowered to try something new and feel proud of themselves! Come on in and let’s get to know each other.

Stephanie · Twisted Floor Manager

Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I manage the sales floor at the Twisted Ewe. I oversee daily retail operations, scheduling, inventory, as well as merchandising and in-store displays. My day to day includes collaborating with our talented team to successfully organize and facilitate classes, events, purchasing, and Twisted Ewe initiatives.

Prior to joining the TE team, I worked in the Fashion and Fine Arts industry both in NYC and LA. Having studied Textiles, Apparel, and Accessories Design, my focus has been on product design and interiors. I have a particular interest in natural fibers and textile dyeing and am looking forward to developing new class offerings utilizing Shibori resist techniques and natural dyes including indigo and cochineal.

More about me: I love the outdoors and have one precious dog named Boobu.

Natalia · Twisted Social Media Manager and Meme Curator

I'm Natalia, the Twisted Ewe's social media coordinator and curator of the fiber arts memes! I also plan community events and teach knitting and felting at the shop. As a long-time resident of Boise, I'm interested in making the fiber arts more accessible for all ages and genders to benefit from. I adore the fiber arts community, whether that's chatting in-person at the shop or laughing about a yarn joke in a digital space.
As an instructor, I specialize in hat knitting and felted soap making, with a growing knowledge of needle felting, weaving, spinning, and dying. I teach all-ages and love working with children! Additionally, I take pride in being able to mend a knitted sweater.

Cindy · Twisted Staff and Instructor

I'm Cindy, one of The Twisted Ewe's teachers and support staff. I have worked in the yarn business since the mid 1980’s. I'm here to help you find the fiber that's best suited for your pattern or a pattern that fits the idea you had in mind. I will also help if you are having issues with your project once you start it.  
Knitting is my creative outlet, and teaching knitting is part of my creative process. I teach Learn to Knit, sock knitting on circular needles, and Private Lessons on whatever is requested. I have also lead the Knit Along's this last year. I love to find a new knitting project with a new skill to tackle.  Once I've got something new down, I want to share it with others.  Last year it was Brioche. This year it will be Double Knitting. So, watch out for a class or video on Intro to Double Knitting later this year.

Josh · Twisted Staff and Instructor

Hi, I’m Josh and I’m one of the Twisted Staff here at the Ewe. I enjoy knitting and fiber arts because it helps keep me grounded and gives me a creative outlet. Some of my favorite things to knit are fair isle sweaters, anything with cables, hats, and anything with a creatively designed construction. I also enjoy processing and spinning my own yarns with breed specific fibers and I’m always trying to learn more about botanical dyes.