Finished Mangowood Yarn Bowl

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100% Mango wood bowl with a polished finish. Your yarn winds around and through the side allowing quick project removal without cutting the yarn.

INSIDE DIMENSIONS: approx 4.25" across x 3.5" deep
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS: approx 6" across x 4 high

USE: Holds yarn balls. You can use this with a center pulled skein of yarn instead of a ball. The yarn would sit in the bowl on end and the center pull strand would run through the hole. You may find this bowl too small for longer and larger skeins.

• Each bowl looks different. The wood is Mango which will be mostly a light colored wood with gray mixed in. I check the bowl's structure only without regard to shading pattern in the wood.
• I personally find the scrolled cut out to be a little rough, but it can be smoothed out with a small file like an emery board nail file.

The natural color of mango wood is light to golden brown. However, mango wood is often beautifully discolored due to ‘spalting’ — referring to the different colors wood can turn as a result of fungus. Spalted mango wood contains streaks of color ranging from light beige to black, but also including green and yellow tones. Mango wood is also receptive to wood staining, which produces rich deep brown colors. Mango wood also shows prominent grain patterns, similar to oak and mahogany. Other characteristics of mango wood are knots which can be light to very dark as well as growth stress marks which can look like scratches in the wood. Diverse wood characteristics are highly sought after when polished.

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