Gedifra Lana Mia One 4 Two

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LanaMia One 4 Two says it all in the name, one ball of yarn for two socks. Make a matching pair of socks with one ball of yearn.

Start by pulling the yarn from the ball until you reach the end of the starter. At the end of the starter is where you begin to knit the first sock. The heel is worked when you reach the solid color. You can use any pattern or stitch amount you like.

For the second sock, repeat the process. To ensure a perfect match on the second sock, hold up your second sock to the first one to check where to start the heel and toe, and the stripes will match perfectly. 

This process work for pulling the yarn in the middle or from the outside!

Yarn Stats:


80% SW Virgin Wool, 20% Polyamide

429 yards, 390 meters, 100 grams

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