Lock Toggle Leather Closure - Black

Lock Toggle Leather Closure - Black

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I have always struggled with wearing shawls, particularly the triangle shapes.  These closures from JUL Designs have made it possible for me to wear these amazing shawls that I create comfortably and with out readjusting all day!!!

The Cordoba Tiny Ring Closure use a .5 inch wide tab of medium weight (5/6 oz) leather with differing styles of hardware. The Cordoba Tiny Ring uses a spring gate ring, which functions like a carabiner, opening to the inside to release one of the tabs and, in this way, allow the garment or accessory to be taken on and off easily. The Tiny Cordoba Ring 

The Cordoba Tiny Ring Closure, like other screw-in closures, attaches to knitted, crocheted, and loosely woven pieces using threaded cylinders that slide between fibers to be secured on the back with a washer and a screw.

Handmade sweaters and hats will last generations if made with the right materials.

Your talented stitching (beginner’s included) deserves to be supported with quality fibers and the right tools!