Up-cycle Your Wardrobe with Embroidery

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Learn how easy it is to use embroidery to transform your closet! You will be walked  
through the process of embroidering on clothing and leave with a new statement  
butterfly piece.  


This class meets June 24th from 5-7pm. 

Jennifer will teach you different ways you can use embroidery on clothing items, tips and tricks for making your stitches extra clean, and 3 embroidery stitch techniques to use in future embroidery projects. At the end of the class you will have a "brand new" item in your wardrobe! After learning how easy it is to make old items new again with embroidery, you can use these skills to help create a more sustainable closet. 


Peel & Stick Pattern (provided) 

Embroidery Floss Skeins (provided)

2 Embroidery Needles (provided) 

6” Embroidery Hoop (provided) 

Students will need to provide their own clothing items to embroider on. 

Choose an item that does not have a lot of stretch. If the fabric has a lot of stretch, then it becomes harder to stitch, and the embroidery might pucker once the hoop is removed. 

Pick an item with an area larger than the 6" embroidery hoop. Stitching on an area like pant legs is more challenging than a larger surface area, like a bottom-up shirt. Other great examples are canvas tote bags, denim jackets, or a linen dress shirt. 


Jennifer will teach everything you'll need to know in class. If you want to become familiar with the techniques before hand, you can watch the Back Stitch, Long & Short Stitch and Satin Stitch videos on her IGTV. Go to @threadhoney and view the videos under the "Stitch Sampler" Series. 

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